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Wills Attorney in Clear Lake City, Texas

A Last Will and Testament is an essential estate planning document that allows you to provide detailed instructions about how your estate, assets, and money should be distributed and managed once you’re gone. A Will ensures a secure future for your loved ones and allows you to choose the persons who will serve as executors of your estate, guardians for your minor children, and trustees for your beneficiaries. A valid and detailed Will can also help avoid prolonged probate proceedings and prevent potential conflicts during estate administration. 

If you need assistance when establishing your Will or estate plan, it’s important that you speak with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney. At the Perrin Law Firm, we have the skill and diligence to guide clients through any estate-related matters. Our experienced lawyer, Shelby G. Perrin, can advise you about the importance of having a Will and help you draft a comprehensive, valid, and legal estate plan to protect your legacy for years to come.

We proudly serve clients across Clear Lake City, Texas and the surrounding communities of Seabrook, League City, Pasadena, Deer Park, Friendswood, and the greater Houston area. Reach out today to schedule a meeting with our Wills attorney. 

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Overview of Wills  

A Will – also known as a Last Will and Testament – is a legal document created by a person detailing specific provisions and instructions, in advance, concerning how their estate, assets, and finances should be distributed or disposed of when they die. The person who creates the Will is often referred to as the "testator."

If you die without having a valid Will (intestate) in Texas, your estate will be administered using the Texas intestate succession laws. These laws determine your beneficiaries, not you. The fees to handle your intestate estate administration upon your death will be greatly increased and there are usually significant delays with such administrations.

Types of Wills 

There are two types of Wills that are recognized in Texas. These include attested and holographic Wills. 

What Is an Attested Will? 

An attested or formal Will is a legal document that is put into writing and prepared by the estate planning attorney on the testator’s behalf. For an attested Will to be valid, it must be properly signed by the testator and witnessed by two or more people who have no interest in the Will. 

What Is a Holographic Will? 

Conversely, a holographic Will is a Will that is completely written in the handwriting of the testator and signed by the testator. However, unlike attested Wills, witnessing the holographic Wills isn’t usually required. Unfortunately, most holographic Wills are not written and/or signed correctly; therefore, they are often found to be invalid.

Attested Wills are the most effective kind of Will in Texas. In contrast, state laws don’t recognize oral or nuncupative Wills. A trusted Wills attorney can enlighten you about the content of the Will and some commonly inherited assets. 

Content of the Will 

Some important contents of a Will include: 

  • Detailed provisions regarding assets and property distribution. 

  • Detailed provisions regarding trusts for beneficiaries. 

  • Planning to avoid or minimize inheritance tax liability. 

  • Donation requests. 

  • Guardianship wishes for minor children.

  • Names of persons to serve as executors and trustees. 

  • Final arrangements – funeral and burial arrangements.

Commonly Inherited Assets 

The following covers some of the commonly inherited assets in a Texas Will: 

  • land

  • money in a bank account

  • investments 

  • houses (or any other real estate property) 

  • family heirlooms 

  • motor vehicles

  • personal belongings and household items 

An experienced and dedicated lawyer like Shelby G. Perrin will help you make sure all eligible assets and property are included in your Will. For trusted legal counsel, schedule a meeting with our firm today.  

Why Having a Will Is Important 

Unfortunately, many people think that it doesn’t matter whether or not you have an established Will in place. But that misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are some of the benefits of having a Will: 

  • It helps protect your loved ones, assets, life investments, and interests. 

  • It allows you to provide instructions about how your estate will be administered. 

  • It allows you to make gifts and donations. 

  • It allows you to name a legal guardian or caretaker for your minor children and pets. 

  • It helps reduce inheritance and estate taxes. 

  • It helps mitigate or prevent disputes and disagreements between loved ones during estate settlement. 

  • It helps your estate, and surviving family members avoid a drawn-out probate process. 

  • It helps avoid frivolous lawsuits and creditor issues. 

  • It helps prevent intestate succession and ensures that you do not die without a Will. 

Don’t let myths and misconceptions keep you from protecting your legacy. Trust us to help you build a customized estate plan that reflects your goals and meets the needs of your beneficiaries.  

Work With a Skilled Estate Planning Attorney 

Planning for future uncertainties can never be too early. Should you become unavailable or unable to express your opinions, leaving instructions regarding how your estate should be administered can provide your surviving loved ones with some comfort and relief. A highly skilled estate and probate attorney can enlighten you about your different legal options and help you make informed decisions. 

At the Perrin Law Firm, we’re dedicated to offering comprehensive legal counsel to clients in the legal matters of Wills, Trusts, and estate planning. Our dedicated lawyer can evaluate your unique circumstances and help determine the right estate plan that best fits your needs. Also, we will help draft your Will and make sure the document is valid and addresses all important matters. 

Wills Attorney in Clear Lake City, Texas

If you need detailed guidance to draft your Will or estate plan, contact us at the Perrin Law Firm today to schedule an initial consultation. Our attorney can offer you the personalized legal counsel and advocacy you need to make confident decisions when creating your estate plan. We’re proud to serve clients across Clear Lake City, Seabrook, League City, Pasadena, Deer Park, Friendswood, and the Greater Houston Area, Texas.